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HSD now Fairtrade University

Initiated by the Student Union, a HSD task force started promoting fair trade products and sustainable food production. They organise events on the topic and work towards more fair trade products in the dining hall and snack bar. In addition, we are planning to sign an agreement with a caterer who provides fair trade products for HSD events – and also offers vegetarian options.

Finally, on 17 April 2018, HSD was officially certified as Fairtrade University. Kristina Klecko, responsible for campaigns and PR at the non-profit organisation TransFair e.V. (Fairtrade Germany), handed the official certificate to Prof. Dr. Horst Peters, HSD Vice President for Alumni Management and Continuing Education.

Already years ago, HSD took up the global social, ecological and economic challenges. We make our contribution towards a more sustainable world. Since 2010, a task force of students and staff members has worked on implementing the UN Global Compact. HSD commits to a procurement policy respecting the UN Global Compact principles: human rights, labour standards, preservation of the environment and fighting corruption.
If you would like to know more about fair trade at HSD or become active in our task force, contact fairtrade@hs-duesseldorf.de.​

Kristina Klecko von Fairtrade Deutschland überreichte dem Vizepräsidenten für Alumni und wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung, Prof. Dr. Horst Peters, am 17. April das Zertifikat zur Fairtrade-University.
Otto Schumacher
Kristina Klecko (Fairtrade Germany) hands Prof. Dr. Horst Peters (HSD Vice President for Alumni Management and Continuing Education) the official Fairtrade University certificate.