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HSD’s position

A few days after the terrorist attack by Hamas on 7 October, we have publicly expressed our solidarity with all the victims of this act of violence and the subsequent war.

No Place for Antisemitism at HSD

In recent weeks, students and employees have pointed out to us that antisemitic statements are being made in the discussion about the current situation in Israel and Gaza. Jewish students feel threatened by the calls for violence by Hamas and other terrorist organisations as well as by statements openly supporting such organisations both globally and here in Germany. Therefore, we emphasise that we do not tolerate antisemitism of any kind and that we aim to ensure safety for our students and staff at HSD. This is our responsibility, not only due to the fact that our campus is located at the site of a former abattoir, from which several thousand Jewish people were deported to be murdered between 1941 and 1944.

No Place for Racism at HSD

As a result of the escalation of the conflict following the terrorist attack by Hamas, we also perceive an increase in Islamophobic and racist incidents. Palestinians are often placed under general suspicion of supporting the violence of Hamas. This is unacceptable.

Taking Action against Antisemitism and Racism

We call on all students and employees at HSD to join us in resolutely opposing antisemitic, Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian as well as other discriminatory statements and actions. If you witness any such harassment, please document and report it to our Anti-Discrimination Counsellor as well as to RIAS (network for reporting antisemitic incidents in North Rhine-Westphalia). You may also file a criminal complaint with the police if you suspect the incident to be a criminal offence.

In line with our mission statement, we want to work together to ensure that all people treat each other with respect and feel safe on campus, regardless of their origin and faith. We acknowledge the equality of all people.

The university is a place of discussion where people can express and debate different positions and views. A prerequisite for any discussion is a respectful approach in which no side is delegitimised or demonised and in which no racist or antisemitic statements are propagated. HSD offers regular events dedicated to an academic discussion of antisemitism, such as guided tours at Alter Schlachthof memorial site, our permanent exhibition on the former abattoir.

Empathy and Solidarity with the Victims

The terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel on 7 October and the subsequent escalation of the conflict in the region have already killed thousands of people on both sides and injured many more. Hamas is still holding around 240 people hostage. There is currently no prospect of an end to the violence and suffering of the civilian population in the region. Our Jewish and Muslim/Palestinian students and employees, as well as other people with connections to the area, grieve the loss of family members and friends and fear for the lives and safety of those living in the region. At HSD, we share this grief and concern and extend our deep sympathy to all those affected.

Support, Advice and Complaints

In case of an assault, please contact the police directly (110) and call security (for emergencies: +49 211 4351-111).

As a victim or witness of discrimination, you can contact our Anti-Discrimination Counsellor at any time, but also a teacher you trust, the dean of your faculty or the HSD Board of Management directly.

Students under psychological stress can make an appointment for personal consultation with our Psychological Counselling Service (PSB). If you need help instantly, you can find contact details for psychological emergencies here.

Our International Office offers general advice for international students.

All students can also contact their student representatives, the AStA (student union) and their respective Faculty Student Committee to share their concerns. 

In the event of discrimination by or against employees, you can contact the HSD Complaints Office in accordance with section 13 of the General Act on Equal Treatment (AGG).

Düsseldorf Student Services (Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf) / Social Services
Katja Kwiatkowski,
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Judith Weiskircher,
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Religious Care

Düsseldorf Muslim University Community (MHG)
mhg-duesseldorf.de (available in German only) 
+49 152 58958007

Düsseldorf Jewish University Group (JHG)
jsud.de (available in German only)

Düsseldorf Catholic University Community (KHG)
+49 211 93492-0

Düsseldorf Protestant Student Community (ESG)
esg-duesseldorf.de (available in German only)
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