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Exchange despite the pandemic - HSD welcomes its incoming students!

Everything is different this year; but nevertheless a lot is possible. Despite the pandemic, 30 exchange students have started their semester abroad at HSD.

On October 13, students from partner universities in Turkey, Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain, South Korea, China and Hong Kong met at the main lecture hall for a first orientation. The lower number of exchange students this semester (by comparison: about 100 exchange students came to the HSD for the winter semester in the past years) illustrates the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online courses, contact restrictions and a very limited cultural programme make a semester abroad very challenging these days. Sophie Hamann, the student exchange coordinator for incoming mobility, supports the exchange students at HSD during this difficult period.

Due to stricter Corona rules, the program of the orientation week was changed on short notice. Through virtual events such as the online information session, the exchange students were introduced to HSD. Moreover, the International Office offered some face-to-face events in compliance with all hygienic measures (including a welcome event, a guided city tour and a visit of the Rhine Tower).

In addition, the cultural program of the International Office has to be adapted to the Corona restrictions this semester. The tutors of the International Office draw on the experience from last summer semester, when they organised some exciting online events for the exchange students.

Despite the many restrictions and the challenging situation, we wish our exchange students a good and healthy stay in Düsseldorf! We are happy to have them here. One thing is for sure: It will be a very special semester abroad!

Welcoming exchange students in times of pandemic: In the big red Auditorium at HSD with About 400 seats 22 incoming students are placed according Corona distance regulations far from one another.
Foto: M. Katz
Welcoming exchange students in times of pandemic
Sophie, Student Exchange coordinator for Incoming mobility, explains Corona regulations in Düsseldorf
Foto: M. Katz
Sophie explains Corona regulations