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Special Orientation Session for International Students


    You doubt your choice of studies?
    You feel cut out and have problems finding your way around the university?
    You are homesick or worry about your family back home?
    You feel pressured by the immigration office or other circumstance​s?
We are aware that you are in a special situation as an international student. We are here to support you!
In the Special Orientation Sessions for international students, you can talk about your concerns and questions in a confidential, open-minded environment.
During a systemic counselling, we will look for an individual solution together. Let’s find ways to lift some weight off your shoulders!
Starting in the summer semester 2018, once a month. Additional appointments upon request.


​​    Monday, 16 April 2018, 13.00–16.00 
    Monday, 15​ May 2018, 13.00–16.00
    Monday, 11 June 2018, 13.00–16.00
    Monday, 9 July 2018, 13.00–16.00



Maria Maar
Tel : +49 211-4351-8140


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Special Orientation Session for International Students