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Cost of living

​At a glance

  • The cost of living is about 934 EUR per month for students in Germany.

  • You will have more expenses than usual at the beginning of the semester.

  • We do not offer any scholarships for exchange/ free mover students. Please contact your home university for information on funding.

According to a survey from 2016 (source: 21. Sozialerhebung, 2016) German students have on average
​about 867 EUR at their disposal. However, this survey is not accurate anymore since the cost of living has risen in the meantime.

You will approx. need about 934 EUR per month (i.e. for accommodation, food, clothing and recreational activities).

This is also the monthly amount that you need to demanstrate when applying for a vi​sa or residence permit. Not included here is the semester contribution which has to be paid before enrolment (and before re-registration if you are staying two semesters). Please keep in mind: You will have more expenses than usual at the beginning of the semester.

For funding options please get in contact with the International Office of your home university.

Tips: How to save money as a student in Germany
  • Public transport in North Rhine-Westphalia is free of charge with your HSD student ID. You can upgrade your semester ticket to the “Deutschlandticket” for 12,33 € per month. With this upgrade you can use the public transport (except IC/ICE trains and trains from private providers) all over Germany.
  • Choose your supermarkets wisely. Different supermarkets have different prices. If you need tips for cheap grocery stores, you can contact our tutors.
  • Energy costs are rising steadily at the moment. Check the website of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) for tips on how to save energy.
  • Take advantage of student discounts: If you can show your HSD student ID, you will often pay less for tickets to the theatre, museums, opera houses, cinemas and other cultural institutions.
  • You can participate at the university's sports programme for free.
  • Check platforms like "Kleinanzeigen.de", "nebenan.de" or facebook groups for free or cheap items (e.g. furniture, kitchenware, etc.). Please note that there can always be scammers on such platforms and you should therefore be attentive.

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Cost of Living:

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