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  • Due to limited capacities in the student dormitories we cannot guarantee a room.

  • You can apply for the student dormitories of Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf ONLY via the International Office.

  • Private accommodation has to be searched independently.

Student Dormitories

A place in a dormitory run by Düsseldorf Student Services (Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf) is the simplest and cheapest solution.

How to apply for the dormitories

  • You can apply for the dormitories ONLY via the International Office. You CANNOT apply to Studierendenwerk on your own.

  • With your application for an exchange at HSD you can also apply for a room in the dormitories. To do so, you must tick the respective box in the Mobility Online application form and upload your complete and correct application within the stated deadline.

  • IMPORTANT: Since the dormitories are very much on demand, we CANNOT guarantee a room (even if you apply within the deadline)!

  • The distribution of the rooms takes place in the course of June (for winter semester) / in the course of November (for summer semester). You will be informed afterwards.

  • Please note: Free Movers CANNOT be considered for rooms in the dormitories due to limited capacities.

Further information about the dormitories
  • Rent ranges between EUR 300 and 400 per month (incl. heating, electricity, water).
  • The rooms are only equipped with furniture. Kitchenware, blankets, sheets, pillows, towels have to be brought from home or bought after arrival in Düsseldorf. It's possible to book a "Sleeping Package" which includes bed linen, bed sheet, pillow and blanket.
  • Please be aware that we have no influence on the location of the dormitories or the type of room you may be offered.
  • Please note that you need to rent the accommodation as of beginning of September (winter semester) or as of beginning of March (summer semester), even if you arrive later!
  • If you do not receive a room in one of the dormitories you must search for accommodation on your own on the private market.

Searching accommodation on the private market

Finding accommodation in Düsseldorf is not always easy for exchange students. We provide support with flat hunting through an online information session before your exchange and by forwarding you private accommodation offers. Furthermore, our flat hunting guide includes important information about searching accommodation in Düsseldorf.

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for finding accommodation yourself! Please do not arrive in Düsseldorf without accommodation (at least for the first time)! Unfortunately, the International Office cannot organize a room on arrival.

Searching accommodation in Düsseldorf

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