Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences


​​​What our exchange students say:​​​​​

​​From left to right: Annika Lommi (JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finnland), Vanessa Martínez (Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexiko), Pamela Luján (Universidad de Lima, Peru), Jaakko Rosala (JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finnland​)

​"This exchange experience was full of culture, knowledge, joy, trips, different languages but specially it has been full of amazing people who made each moment special. Living in another country makes you realize that you were missing so much about the world. Düssedorf is my second home now, this city is beautiful and is a great place to meet kind people. If I would have the opportunity to do it again, I would say yes."

Pamela Luján Segura, Universidad de Lima
​​From left to right: ​​Ana Jimena Rosales (Tec de Monterrey, Mexico), Olena Solomko (Lazarski University, Polen), Juliette le Gallo (Université de Rennes, Frankreich), Amira Omram (JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finnland​)

"What is waiting for everyone during the exchange? I would say that it is probably the best time out of all the education years! This is the time of seeing new places, meeting amazing people, creating relationships that will last for years to come, getting to know other cultures, but most importantly - shaping own personality. This exchange is some priceless experience that brings smile on my face every time I think of it. Time goes by really fast, though, and now it definitely feels like a part of my heart will always stay in Duesseldorf. Exchange times might be over, but memories will last forever!"

Olena Solomko, Lazarski University