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Students from Colombia

​A 14-day study trip through Germany? The dream came true for 15 prospective electrical engineers from Colombia: Prof. Jairo David Cuero Ortega from the Universidad de Los Llanos in Villavicencio was successful with his application. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) approved the funding as part of the "Study Trip for Foreign Students" programme. On 14 June 2023, the young people were guests at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.
The programme took them to the high-voltage laboratory, where Mr Bartscher effectively made lightnings flash. In the FAB21 learning factory, Mr Stuhrmann explained how the facilities are used in studies and what projects students carry out here. Ms Meier had invited the group to her English class, where they made contact with HSD students.
Of course, they were also interested in the study opportunities offered by HSD and the specific requirements for international applicants. Ms. Bliss Ayertey, international student advisor, gave a lecture on this topic. The visit was rounded off with a walk around the campus and a look at the library. The "Alter Schlachthof" place of remembrance aroused great interest and made the young people think.
The visit was organised and accompanied by the International Office. It was the first group of visitors to visit the HSD since the Corona pandemic.
Other stops on the trip were universities in Bochum, Münster, Frankfurt and Aschaffenbur​g. In the meantime, the young people have returned to their university; we wish them to succeed in their studies and we hope to meet again!​

Bliss Ayertey holds a lecture about how to study at HSD
Foto: Monika Katz
Studying at HSD



Mr. Stuhrmann explains to the Columbian visitors how the mini bottling plant works.
Foto: Monika Katz
Students at the bottling plant in FAB21


the students together with Mr. Stuhrmann who explained the FAB21, a state-of-the-art laboratory for future electrical engineers.
Foto: Monika Katz
In FAB21 with Norbert Stuhrmann