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Studies at HSD – Possible for refugee women?

Of course! Not only possible. We actually encourage refugee women to study at HSD! This is what the participants of the ‘PerMenti’ project for qualified refugee women learned during an excursion at the HSD on 20 January 2020.

In the context of the ‘NRWege ins Studium’ programme, the International Office has invited women from Dortmund, Essen and Bielefeld participating in the ‘PerMenti’ project for refugee women to learn more about language courses, studying, scholarships and integration as well as HSD itself. The ‘PerMenti’ project supports newly immigrated women on their way to academic education and career entry.

Only 23.5 % of the participants in the project are women, whereas women make up for 43.5 % of the total number of refugees. This is why HSD sees room for improvement and aims to increase the proportion of women in the project.

HSD wants to emphasise the principle of equal opportunities and invite other projects and institutes to get to know the various projects and programmes at HSD.

For further information, please contact the

International Office
Münsterstraße 156
Building 2, floor 1 (SSC)
40476 Düsseldorf​​

Project coordinator

Tariq Kosa
T +49 211 4351-8114