Hochschule Düsseldorf
University of Applied Sciences

​​​The Students’ Union (AStA - Allgemeiner StudentInnenausschuss) is the executive organ of the entire student body and of the resolutions passed by the Student Parliament and (qua its own political self-conception) of the General Assembly. It represents HSD’s students within the University (e.g. towards the President’s Office and university administration) and extramurally (e.g. towards other student bodies, the regional government and the general public). It controls - in the framework of the household budget and respective resolutions at higher level - the finances of the student body. The Students’ Union comprises the Students’ Union Presidency, the Students’ Union Policy Offices and a number of Autonomous Offices.

Policy Offices

  • Anti-fascism
  • Finance
  • Faculty Student Committees
  • Gender Policy
  • University Policy
  • Intercultural Affairs
  • Ecology
  • Political Education
  • PR

Advice and services

  • General academic and examination issues
  • Students’ Union shop
  • Foreigners
  • Disabled persons
  • Social issues
  • Student parents


  • Café Freiraum
  • Café International
  • University radio 97.1
  • Kino 77 (cinema)
  • Culture
  • Sport

Autonomous Offices

  • Women
  • Gays
  • Lesbians​


AStA Office                                                               Münsterstraße 156
building 3. room 3.E.004
40476 Düsseldorf​

Tel.: ​​+49 (0)211-4351 ​2904