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Broadcasting Fee

​​At a glance

  • Everyone who lives in Germany must pay a broadcasting fee ("Rundfunkbeitrag").

  • You must register for the fee after your arrival and must deregister when leaving Germany.

  • Only one resident per household needs to register for the fee.​

The broadcasting fee ("Rundfunkbeitrag") also known as TV/Radio fee is a legally prescribed contribution for all citizens in Germany. This fee also applies even if you do not have a TV or radio. The current fee is 18,36 EUR per household per month.

You can register either online or by filling in the form which you receive from the ARD, ZDF, Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice after you registered​ with the city.

Only one resident per household must register for the broadcasting fee. If you live in a shared flat, you can divide the fee with your flat mates. In this case you must inform the Beitragsservice that your flat is already registered for the fee.
When leaving Germany, you must deregister from the broadcasting fee. ​​​​​


Registration: How to register for the Broadcasting Fee.pdf

Deregistration: How to deregister from the Broadcasting Fee.pdf

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Broadcasting Fee

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