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Hochschule Düsseldorf (HSD) is a Member of UN Global Compact Initiative

On 31 January 1999, the then General Secretary of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, introduced the forward-looking “UN Global Compact” project at the World Economic Summit in Davos. This initiative envisions that business makes a voluntary commitment to human rights, working standards, environmental protection and fighting corruption and to documenting such involvement in a public declaration.

A data-based learning platform was created as a core project. Meanwhile, over 7,700 companies, of which 170 are in Germany alone, are participating in the project worldwide. Non-profit public institutions and organisations, including about 350 universities, are increasingly found among the members. HSD has belonged to the group of members since the winter semester 2010/11 following an initiative by the coordinator, Prof. Dr. Rolf Nagel. Representatives from all faculties/departments have formed a working group to implement Global Compact and had a first joint meeting on 24 September 2010. HSD thus positioned itself as a university that confronts current worldwide social, ecological and economic challenges making its contribution in its sphere of influence to the transformation to a global world that is both economically and socially sustainable.

HSD is the first university in North Rhine Westphalia to make the commitment and the first in Germany to involve all faculties/departments. The University has declared that it commits itself to the ten principles formulated by UN Global Compact and to implementing these into daily working and studying practice. On one hand, this includes measures on procurement and personnel policies. On the other, participation in the initiative gives the University a framework for learning and research across all departments according to the focus of UN Global Compact’s annual modifications.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Rolf Nagel

You can find further information on the UN Global Compact website:

as well as on the German Global Compact network:

Über das Projekt Bienenwiese:

Zu Beginn des nächsten Jahres 2020 wird auf der Grünfläche vor Gebäude 7 auf Initiative des AK-UNGC hin mit freundlicher Zustimmung der Hochschule eine Wildbienenwiese angelegt.

Hier soll Lebensraum für viele bedrohte Insekten und ein ganzjähriges Nahrungsangebot durch Nektarreiche Blüten über die gesamte Vegitationsperiode geschaffen werden.

Verantwortliche für die Pflege des Rasenstücks vor Gebäude 7 sind:

Christian Fischer (FB M&V, Prof. Weber)

Tobias Pohl (FBM&V, Prof. Weber)

Michael Diederich (FBM&V, Prof. Benim)

Hier werden weitere Infos zu dem Projekt folgen....