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Registration for Examinations

Please note: You have to register for every examination individually. If you have signed up for a course, you are not automatically registered for the corresponding examination. You have to register for the examination separately by a certain deadline, usually via the Online Student Support Centre (OSSC).

Please contact the Student Affairs Office responsible for your faculty to double check when and how to register for your examinations.

Online Student Support Centre (OSSC)

The OSSC is an online platform for self-administration during your studies. You can use it e.g. to register for or withdraw from most examinations, seminars and internships. In addition, you can view your current academic achievements, save them as a PDF file, print out your current certificate of enrolment and update your address, e-mail or phone number.​

Examination Not Available in OSSC

If the examination you wish to register for is not available in the OSSC, please contact your Student Affairs Office​ immediately.

They can check

  • if the module should be available,
  • if you meet the requirements for admission to the examination or
  • if there is a different issue

and help you find a solution.

Missed Registration Deadline

If you have not registered for an examination in time, late registration is usually impossible. 
Please contact your Student Affairs Office if you have any questions.

Withdrawal from Examinations

In most cases, you can withdraw from an examination until a certain deadline via the OSSC – without having to state any reasons or losing any of your allowed attempts to pass the examination. 

The usual deadline is seven days before the examination takes place. If this applies to your faculty, you can e.g. withdraw from an examination scheduled for 23 June by 16 June (23:59).

Deadlines for withdrawal may vary depending on the faculty. Please check the relevant deadlines with your Student Affairs Office.

Withdrawal Unsuccessful

If you cannot withdraw from an examination in the OSSC, please contact your Student Affairs Office immediately via e-mail and consult them during their next office hours to solve the issue.

Login to OSSC Unsuccessful

If you cannot log in to the OSSC (e.g. because you forgot your user name or password or the OSSC server does not respond), please contact the Campus IT Service Desk ​immediately – via e-mail to servicedesk@hs-duesseldorf.de or during their office hours in room 01.E.102.

Please also let your Student Affairs Office know about the issue and the fact that you have contacted the Campus IT. This is necessary to document that you have reported the issue in time (i.e. before the registration or withdrawal closing date).​

No Internet Access

If your faculty only allows online registration via the OSSC​, you cannot register for or withdraw from examinations without internet access. If you have no internet access or computer at home, use our free Wi-Fi or computers on the campus to meet the relevant deadlines.




Do not wait until the last day before the closing date. Register for your examinations at the beginning of the registration period. This way, you have the time to solve any issues that might come up.​

If an issue does come up, it is your own responsibility to take care of it in time and consult the relevant services until the issue is solved.

Get in Touch

For more information on the OSSC and registration for or withdrawal from examinations, contact the Student Affairs Office​ responsible for your faculty.