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Introduction of the HSD Card for students

Functions of the hsd card​​

The HSD Card for students is a multifunctional chip card. The use of this service card is voluntary, meaning you are free to decide if you would like to request and use one or not. The HSD Card will not replace your student ID card. You will receive your student ID card, which also serves as your semester ticket, in paper form as usual.
It is planned that the HSD Card will have the following functions (some functions will already work as the cards are issued, some will be added later):

  • opening and closing the parking gate system to the underground parking area
  • canteen card
  • library card


If you decide not to request an HSD Card, you can use alternatives for the above-mentioned functions: paper ticket for underground parking, Düsseldorf Student Services canteen card, library card. The HSD Card for students will combine all these functions in one card, making student life much more convenient for you. 

First, the HSD Card is introduced as the key card for entering the underground parking area. This means that if you do not have an HSD card, you can only use the underground parking area with a paper ticket, which you will have to get validated at the reception in building 4 after entry. The underground parking area reserved for bikes can be used without paper ticket or key card.

Existing key authorisations you might have (e.g. AStA (student union), Faculty Student Committee) will be transferred to the new card automatically.


​how do i get my hsd card?

After successful re-registration or enrolment, all students receive their student ID card (which also serves as the semester ticket) in paper form as usual. 
Upon request, every student receives an HSD Card. The procedure is still in preparation. The HSD Card is called ‘HSD Card for students’.

Please note: Please make sure that your address details stored in the OSSC are still current and that you update your address details immediately when moving to a new place.

Your student ID card as well as your HSD Card are only valid in combination with your ID card.

use of the hsd card

Your HSD Card is HSD property. It contains personal data. Upon termination of enrolment, the card is no longer valid. 

​​lost or damaged hSD Card

Please report the loss of your HSD Card immediately via e-mail to hsd-card.studierende@hs-duesseldorf.de. Then you need to block your card to prevent unauthorised use by third parties. 
Block your HSD Card online​ here.

In case of a lost or defective card, a new HSD Card will be issued. To receive a new card, please request one online. 

Once HSD receives your loss declaration, a new HSD Card can be issued. Please note that new HSD Cards will not be printed daily. So, it might take some time until we can provide the new card. Once issued, you can collect your new HSD Card at the Student Support Centre in building 2, floor 1. You will be notified via your university e-mail address once the card is ready for collection.

Data Protection and Data Security

Appropriate technical and organisational measures serve data protection and data security when using the HSD Card, ensuring integrity, confidentiality and availability of the data. Any personal data processed during the issuing and use of the HSD Card are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

For more information on the processing of your data in the context of the HSD Card, please see processing of personal data (currently available in German only).

Please note: At the moment, the chip card for students is not available yet.

Your point of contact for questions or in case of card loss



Here you can find more information on the semester ticket, which is not included in your HSD Card (in German only).