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University of Applied Sciences

​​There are no tuition fees at Hochschule Düsseldorf - University of Applied Sciences. However, each semester all students are obliged to pay a semester fee in order to remain enrolled at the University. This procedure is referred to as “re-registration”. If the semester fee is not paid in full before the prescribed re-registration closing date, the student is de-registered at the end of the semester as a consequence.

The semester fee comprises contributions for Düsseldorf Student Services, student bodies at HSD and the travel pass (Semesterticket NRW). Your student ID card and travel pass can only be issued once the semester fee has been paid.

Further information about the travel pass can be found under “Student ID card and travel pass”.

Fees for the Winter semester 2023/24

  1. Enrolled students
    Total fee: € 334.53

  2. Leave of absence
    You must apply to the Student Affairs Office for a leave of absence. Students on leave of absence are not charged for the travel pass (which cannot be purchased separately).

    - In case of illness: No fee
    - During pregnancy or due to parental obligations, during military or community service or during national voluntary service - total fee: € 114.51
    .- Other leave of absence, such as preparation for and sitting of examinations, practical placements, other reasons - total fee: € 114.51

  3. Other cases
    Students who can verify that they are residents outside North Rhine-Westphalia (without being on leave of absence) for a (compulsory) semester abroad, a semester on a practical placement or to write their thesis can use the relevant form to apply for exemption from the travel pass.
    Total fee: € 114.51

  4. Cross-registered students
    € 100 semester fee for “minor” cross-registered students
    No semester fee for “major” cross-registered students
    (A travel pass cannot be purchased.)

  5. Auditing students
    € 100 semester fee
    (A travel pass cannot be purchased.)

  6. Late re-registration
    All the above fees increase by € 1.62 in the case of late re-registration or a late application for leave of absence.

You can find a detailed breakdown of the semester fee in the document on the right “Semester Fees”.

University Bank Account
Account holder: Hochschule Düsseldorf
Bank: Helaba (Landesbank Hessen/Thüringen)
IBAN DE32 3005 0000 0004 0019 13
Reference: Your name and your matriculation number (or application number if this is your first semester)


Annual re-registration dates

Summer semester 01.01. - 31.01.

Winter semester 01.06. - 30.06.

You will be re-registered automatically if you pay the correct semester fee within the deadline.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that your travel pass will be sent by the beginning of the semester if you do not pay your semester fee until after the end of the re-registration period stated above.

Students who pay their semester fee on time will receive their travel pass for the summer semester by post in February (postmark), for the winter semester in July (postmark). If you do not receive your travel pass despite having paid by the due date, please contact your Student Affairs Office.

You can check whether you are re-registered before you receive your travel pass under “Study Administration” in the OSSC. Once your semester fee has been credited, you can also print out your Certificate of Enrolment there for the new semester.

Please note:

  • “Major” cross-registered students must present a Certificate of Enrolment from their first university by the 15th of April (summer semester) or the 15th of October (winter semester) of the respective year. Only then can he or she re-register for the next semester.
  • Due to the special transfer method, express payments in fact often arrive in HSD’s account with some delay and in addition must be dealt with by hand. We therefore recommend standard (and punctual) payment. You will save high charges too.
  • Extension period
    01.02. - 28.02. of the respective year
    01.07. - 31.07. of the respective year
    An administration fee of € 1.62 is charged for late re-registration. 

Important documents

Semester ​Fee Information

Travel Pass Exemption - Application Form

Semester Fee Reimbursement - Application Form

Loss or Non-receipt of Student ID Card - Notice