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Summer Semester 2024

All students who wish to continue their studies in the same degree programme after the end of the semester at the university must re-register. Re-registration takes place by transferring the semester fee and must take place within the deadlines set by the university (the date of receipt of payment counts and not the date of transfer. In the case of a bank transfer on the last day of the deadline, for example, the money will be received on the next bank booking day at the earliest and is therefore outside the deadline). Failure to make a full transfer will result in de-registration at the end of the semester.

New for summer semester 2024!

From this semester onwards, HSD students will be able to enjoy the benefits of the "Deutschlandticket". This is a purely digital ticket. Eligible students can download the ticket via a link that will be published in good time before the start of the semester.

We will inform you in detail again in February by e-mail to your university e-mail address. Kindly refrain from enquiring about the ticket until then.

Re-Registration Deadline

Due to the introduction of the Deutschlandsemesterticket and the associated contract negotiations, the re-registration deadline in the summer semester 2024 deviates from the usual deadlines.

Re-registration must be completed by 29 February 2024; the administrative fee for late re-registration will be waived once this semester.

Re-registration takes place upon receipt of the fee.

You can check whether your re-registration has taken place in the OSSC under the menu item "Study administration". Once the semester fee has been booked, you can print your confirmation of enrolment for the new semester.

Semester Fee

  1. Enrolled students
    Total fee: € 305.91

  2. Leave of absence
    You must apply to the Student Affairs Office for a leave of absence. Students on leave of absence are not charged for the travel pass (which cannot be purchased separately).

    • In case of illness: No fee
    • During pregnancy or due to parental obligations, during military or community service or during national voluntary service: € 129,51 total fee
    • Other leave of absence, such as preparation for and sitting of examinations, practical placements, other reasons: € 129,51 total fee

  3. Cross-registered students
    € 100 semester fee for “minor” cross-registered students
    No semester fee for “major” cross-registered students
    (A travel pass cannot be purchased.)

  4. Auditing students
    € 100 semester fee
    (A travel pass cannot be purchased.)

You can find a detailed breakdown of the semester fee in the document on the right.

University Bank Account
Account holder: Hochschule Düsseldorf
Bank: Helaba (Landesbank Hessen/Thüringen)
IBAN DE32 3005 0000 0004 0019 13
Reference: Your name and your matriculation number (or application number if this is your first semester)


Important documents

Semester ​Fee Information