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The Academic Bicycle Challenge (ABC) is the international cycling competition for universities. The ABC is looking for the most cycling-active universities in the world. Our university is taking part in the ABC in September 2022. Together we can show that we are also world-class on a bicycle.

We cordially invite you: Pedal for a month for your fitness and for climate protection! Collect kilometres for your team and for our university! Whether in your free time or on your way to the university. All journeys by bike count - everywhere.

This is how it works: Install the Naviki app, activate your participation in the ABC in the app settings, join a team or set up your own. Then simply cycle and record all your journeys with the app. This way you collect kilometres for yourself, for your team, for your subject and for our university. This has an immediate effect on the tables, which you can track in the app at any time. Every day the tension rises! Who is ahead?

All students and employees can take part. The ABC lasts for a whole month, from 1 to 30 September 2022, with other universities on all continents competing in September. The ABC is an annual event.

Results 2021:
Total kilometres: 1211 km (global rank 18)
Per participant: 101.2 km (global rank 17)
Number of participants : 56
and all other info: www.go-abc.org

Required smartphone app: https://www.go-abc.org/de/fuer-teilnehmende/app/
FAQ for students and staff: https://www.go-abc.org/faq  
Rules: https://www.go-abc.org/rules

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