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​STADTRADELN is a campaign developed on the basis of the Nuremberg model by the Climate Alliance, the largest network of cities, municipalities and districts for the protection of the global climate, which has around 1,700 members in 26 European countries.
The campaign provides municipalities with a proven, easy-to-implement measure to become (more) active in communication/public relations for sustainable mobility. Within the framework of the competition, teams of local politicians, school classes, clubs, companies and citizens pedal for the promotion of cycling, climate protection and quality of life.
This year, the aim is to cycle as many kilometres as possible in Düsseldorf on 21 consecutive days from 20 May to 9 June 2022, for business and pleasure, without producing CO2.



The aim of the campaign is to make a contribution to climate protection, to set an example for increased cycling promotion in the municipality - and ultimately to have fun cycling. Local politicians, as the local decision-makers in matters of cycling, can "experience" what it means to cycle in their own municipality and then initiate or implement improvement measures.
STADTRADELN is designed as a competition to promote cycling with fun and enthusiasm. The most cycling-active local parliaments and municipalities as well as the most diligent teams and cyclists in the municipalities themselves are being sought. Members of the municipal parliaments cycle in teams with citizens.


Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences forms its own team

During the three-week campaign period, cyclists enter the climate-friendly kilometres they have covered in the so-called online cycling calendar. This year, the competition will take place from 20.05.-09.06.2022.
The results of the municipalities and teams will be published on the STADTRADELN website, so that both nationwide comparisons between the municipalities and team comparisons within the municipality are possible and provide additional motivation. The achievements of the individual participants, with the exception of the STADTRADELN stars, are not publicly displayed.
Participation in STADTRADELN is free of charge.

In 2022, the following figures were achieved:
Total kilometres cycled: 1,523,219 (previous year: 1,547,154).
CO2 savings: 235 tonnes ( previous year: 227 tonnes)
Participating teams: 402 (previous year :361)
Total number of participations: 8,637 (previous year :7,376)


The HSD teams recorded the following results during the last campaign period in 2022:

Number of kilometres travelled: 16683 (previous year: 18129).
Ranking: 17th out of 402 (previous year: 13th out of 361)
Participants: 93 (previous year: 92)
Average number of kilometres per person: 179 (previous year: 197)
CO2 savings: 2569 kg (previous year: 2,665 kg)

​Where and how can I register and enter my cycled kilometres?

Participants with internet access register with their name and email address as soon as their municipality has been activated.
After successful registration, the kilometres can then be entered in their own user account, which are automatically credited to the team and the municipality.
Participants with a smartphone can enter kilometres via the STADTRADELN app (for Android and iOS systems): either manually (logging in via the internet is then no longer necessary) or even more simply via the GPS function, which lists the exact route and calculates the kilometres covered.
Participants without internet access register directly with the local coordination of their municipality. There, kilometre recording sheets can be provided so that the kilometres cycled can be handed in by hand.
The contact persons can be found on the subpage of the participating municipality at Participating municipalities.
When registering, please state that you are a member of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences team.

You register as a participant in the STADTRADELN campaign (if applicable for the HSD team). The registration does not take place at the Hochschule Düsseldorf.


We look forward to a large number of participants!