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​​The admission procedure for admission-restricted (NC) bachelor programmes at HSD (exceptions on the right) is organised by hochschulstart.de via the dialogue-oriented service procedure (DoSV).

The DoSV coordinates the application process for participating universities, with the aim of making the application process easier. 

You must participate in the DoSV if you are applying for the 1st semester of a bachelor programme with restricted admission.

Steps in the DoSV:

Step 1: Register at Hochschulstart.de

After registering at www.hochschulstart.de, note down your BID (applicant identification number) and your BAN (applicant authentication number). Both numbers will be needed later.

Step 2: Submit your application

Depending on where (the country) you received your university entrance certificate from, you have to either apply via uni-assist or via the HSD application platform. To find out which application platform is the right one for you, check our overview here. Once you know which application platform to use, register and submit your application for your desired programme(s) on the respective platform.
The application periods at HSD are as follows:
winter semester: approx. mid/end of May until 15 July
summer semester: approx. mid/end of November until 15 January

Step 3: Prioritise your applications

You can rank your application according to your preference during the coordination phase. If you do not actively rank your applications, they will be prioritised based on the date of submission.
We strongly recommend to prioritise your applications by 22 January (for summer semester intake) and 22 July (for winter semester intake). Prioritising your application is significant in the coordination phase and therefore plays a decisive role in the admission process.

Step 4: Admission offers in the coordination phase

The coordination phase begins after the application phase. During this phase, it is possible that you may receive admission offers. Lower-prioritised applications can be automatically and irrevocably withdrawn from the complete admission procedure and the highest-prioritised admission offer can automatically translate into an admission, based on the coordination rules.

Hence, check your entire mailbox (including your spam folder!) and your user account on the HSD application platform regularly!

As soon as your accept an offer, or an admission offer is automatically turned into an admission (check the coordination rules), you will receive a letter of admission in your HSD application platform account. It is crucial that you keep the deadline mentioned in your admission letter, since you would otherwise lose your admission and consequently be completely (and irrevocably) excluded from the DoSV for that particular semester.It is not possible to enrol after the deadline given in the admission letter!

Please note: Once you accept an admission offer in this phase, all other admission offers and hence, all other applications will be deleted automatically!

Step 4: Coordinated moving up

The coordinated move up is a special phase, which starts after the coordination phase. During this phase, vacant places are offered by participating universites. Only applicants who have not received an offer during the coordination phase (not who have neither declined an offer) can participate in the coordinated move-up. You do not automatically participate in the coordinated move-up! You will receive an email with a link via which you must confirm your wish to participate.
If there are still study places available after the coordinated move-up phase, these will be awarded by lot to applicants who have not yet participated in the procedure (new applications).

What are the coordination rules?

Rule 1 of the coordination phase
Situation: You have exactly one active application in the DoSV process and you receive an admission offer for this application.
Result: The admission offer is immediately and automatically converted into an admission.

Rule 2 of the coordination phase
Situation: You have several active applications in the DoSV process and receive an admission offer for all applications.
Result: The highest prioritised application is automatically converted into an admission. The lower-prioritised applications are automatically eliminated.

Rule 3 of the coordination phase
Situation: You have several active applications in the DoSV and more than one application has an admission offer but at least one application does not yet have an admission offer.
Result: The lower-prioritised admission offers are automatically eliminated.

Rule 4 (only in coordinated moving up phase)
Situation: You have received an offer of admission in a coordinated moving up phase.
Result: The admission offer is automatically converted into an admission. In this case, prioritisation is not the deciding factor.

Important information

B.A. Taxation
B.Eng. Audio and Video

If you submit more than 12 application in the DoSV, only the top 12 applications will be active and hence only those will be considered for the admission procedure. In addition, you can apply for degree programs at HSD which are not admission restricted and therefore not administered by the DoSV.

Keep in mind that you can submit only 3 applications in total via uni-assist for HSD.

Please note: The allocation of study places is based upon the grade point average (GPA). Should your GPA not be sufficient, unfortunately, it is also possible that you do not get any admission offers.

Please check your application account at Hochschulstart and uni-assist or the HSD application portal regularly during the entire application process.