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​​​​Do you wish to apply to Hochschule Düsseldorf as an international student and have questions with regards to the coronavirus situation?

Here are a few questions we frequently receive and their answers.


1. With Hochschule Düsseldorf closed, how can I reach the International Office?

Although we have suspended our office hours in light of the current situation, you can still reach us via mail and phone.


2. Where can I find more information on the measures taken by Hochschule Düsseldorf regarding the coronavirus?

Current news and information on the measures taken at Hochschule Düsseldorf due to the coronavirus crisis are available here.


3. Will there be changes to the deadlines for the upcoming winter semester?

The application via uni-assist started on 3 June 2020.

Application deadlines are:

  20 August 2020 for programmes with restricted admission.

  15 September 2020 for programmes with unrestricted admission.

  24 September 2020 for higher semester applications.

Find an indepth explanation of the application process or international applicants here.


4. Due to restrictions in my country, I cannot have my documents certified before the application deadline. What can I do?

For the upcoming winter semester 2020/21, you do not have to send certified documents to uni-assist as part of your application. 

Kindly submit all your application documents online before the application deadline.

Please note: You will need certified copies to enrol successfully if you do get admission.


5. Postal services in my country are currently limited and I cannot post any documents to uni-assist. Can I still apply for the coming semester?

You can submit your application ​online via uni-assist for this application period. Should you be admitted to a programme, you will need to hand in your documents to be able to enrol sucessfully.


6. My programme mandates an internship for enrolment. I cannot fulfil this requriement because of the current situation.

Applicants for the winter semester 2020/21 can enrol without the required internship certificate but must submit it before the beginning of lectures for winter semester 2021/22. This is in accordance with Article 8 Section 2 of the Ordnung zur Kompensation der Folgen der Coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2-Epidemie für Studium und Lehre (Regulations to mitigate the consequences/effects of the coronavirus-SARS-CoV-2 epidemic on studies and teaching).


7. I am unable to submit my German language certificate before the application deadline. Can I submit it later?

You do not need to submit your German language certificate with your application documents, but rather for your enrolment after gaining admission. Click here to find out more about the German language requirement.


8. I cannot take an English language test because the test centres in my country are closed due to the corona​virus. What should I do?

The English language certificate is not required for the application. You can therefore apply without the English language certificate and hand it in with your enrolment documents.
The list of accepted English language certificates is available in the examination regulations of each programme.


9. When will the admission results be sent?

After submitting your application, uni-assist checks your application documents.

If your documents meet the formal admission requirements, uni-assist will forward your application to the admissions office of HSD. The admission procedure starts after the application deadline and can usually take up to 6 weeks.

Please note: Due to current strikes at uni-assist, there may be considerable delays in the admission process for international applications.
Based on current information (as of 17 September 2020), the admission procedures are most likely to start after 15 October 2020.

Click here for further information on the admission procedure.


10. I have been admitted to a programme. When is the registration deadline?

The registration deadline is mentioned in your letter of admission.


11. When does the lecture period start in the coming winter semester?

The winter semester officially begings on 1 September 2020.

The lectures will begin (tentatively) on

    2 November 2020 for new students (first semester)

   19 October 2020 for all other students


12. Will the coming semester be a digital one?

It is not yet certain if lectures in the coming winter semester will be held digitally.


13. I still have further questions about the admission process. Who can help me?

Our degree-seeking page offers information on the admission requirements and process. If however you still have questions, feel free to contact us: degreeseeking@hs-duesseldorf.de